Find out if playing Fit2Cure™ is helping in the discovery of new knowledge for drugs associated with mutations in your own genes

Have you taken a genetic test from 23andme? If you have, this servce will allow you to see how proteins in Fit2Cure relate to your own genetics.

As an example, below are mutations(SNPs) in a protein (tyrosine phosphatase) that has been linked to arthritis and hypothyroidism.

If you have mutations in this protein and have played Level 19 of Fit2Cure, then you are helping contribute new knowledge for your own disease.

If you already have your genetics data at 23andme you can find out whether you have mutations in this protein.


Not sure what a genotype is? Remember DNA is a powerful molecule with 4 chemicals: A, T, G and C. When you inherit a gene from your parents, at each position in the gene you can have an A, T, G or C.

The arrangement of these 4 letters in your DNA tell a story about your health and life. Just like in human language, if you change arrangement of these letters the story can change. Only this time it is your health.

Since you have two parents, you can inherit say an A from your dad and a G from your mum at a given position on a gene. This makes your genotype at that location AG

Check back wih us soon again to learn how the other proteins in Fit2Cure relate to your genes, health and disease. You can also contact us at